100 Days to Save Coats Memorial 

A campaign has been launched to save Coats Memorial Church. The 125 year old building is at risk of falling into disrepair and this campaign hopes to save one of Renfrewshire’s most iconic structures.

The campaign aims to raise funds to facilitate a multi-purpose venue including theatre seating for events, audio/visual rigs for cinema evenings, host weddings, graduation ceremonies and other events. They hope to also be able to install a lift so that the building is accessible for all.

I think this is a fantastic campaign for a really good cause that everyone in Paisley and beyond will be able to benefit from. I was extremely humbled to find out that Renfrewshire Tapestry have created a design for the campaign featuring ‘Paisley Icons’ from past and present and they have decided to feature an image of me on the design.

100 Days to Save Coats Memorial will be open tothe public every Saturday from12pm until 4pm during the 100day campaign. I would urge asmany of you as possible to goalong and have a look foryourself as to why this is such avaluable part of Renfrewshire’sheritage and I would be thrilledif you would join me insupporting the campaign.

Commenting, Mhairi Black MP said:

“Coats Memorial is a part of Paisley’s heritage. It’s certainly one of the most eye catching and iconic buildings we have here in the town.

“I think what this campaign is trying to achieve will benefit everyone in Paisley and beyond.

“I would hate to see such a historic building fall into disrepair. I hope you will join me in supporting this campaign.”